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Grandmother Oak
Grandmother Oak
Oil Paint and Gold Leaf
36 X 48

Grandmother Oak: Commission Painting
Grandmother Oak was painted in honor of healing. My client, an avid hiker, suffered a great injury that resulted in having to work up strength in their legs one step at a time. As part of their healing journey, this very unique and magical oak tree was a set milestone. Her home is Helen Putnam Regional Park in Petaluma CA. When I was asked to do this work and we took the hike to see her in person I immediately understood why. Although clearly ancient she is strong and alive, coming back every spring with leaves dancing in the wind. A must-see in Sonoma County.

This work has also inspired me as a painter and I feel painting her was a much-needed self-healing. Reignited and excited to keep painting.

Mindscape Series Three is a series all about the places I go and how they inspire me visually. Traveling is a huge part of my life and my artwork, these paintings give me the space to create the landscapes that I am lucky enough to see and now share with you.

This painting incorporates metallic paint. As the viewer moves the metallic paint dances across the canvas.