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Couches Délicates
Couches Délicates

In spring 2019 I was blessed with a trip to Paris as a thank you from a lovely friend. This trip was such an inspiration in so many ways and one of the largest moments was spending heaps of time staring at La Musee de l'orangerie Monet mural. It was breath taking, profound, epic and when the clouds moved the painting danced in colors to vivid for words to capture. This painting was inspired by Monet who has been a large influence in my life. I know there will be many other works to come inspired by my time with his work.

This painting incorporates metallic paint. As the viewer moves the metallic paint dances across the canvas.

To purchase the original please send me a private message here on my website. If you would like a print, card or many other functional objects with this image please click shop on the home page.